Intro To Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification (Self Paced Book and Video)

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Intro To Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification

Whether you work with IP on a daily basis and looking to take your career further or looking to get started in the Networking Technology field, we encourage you to check out this exciting preparation boot camp! The Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification is the entry-level certificate for the Cisco Systems certification track.  This course will prepare you to take this demanding test.  An IP background is recommended, but definitely not required! 

At your own pace…

The successful student will note that consistent attendance and study are required for you to retain this challenging curriculum. This intense training will prepare you to tackle the Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification Test.  You can do it!

You will learn all of the ins and outs of the Cisco Certified Network Associate exam, and how to leverage the tools you will be learning in this Boot Camp, to achieve the entry-level Cisco Certification.

Passing the Cisco Certified Network Associate exam will open the doorway to potential recruiters and job opportunities in the field of networking.

The Industry is a RED HOT market for Certified Network Engineers right now!

This Dynamic Class provides you the tools for SUCCESS. It will be hard work, but work that will help launch your new career!

Features of the Class:

Part of this dynamic training course will include soft copies of lecture notes and curriculum materials, as well as providing the Interactive Virtual Software, called Cisco Packet Tracer, for configuring the network equipment for all of the labs.

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