CCNA Academy – Boot Camps (Monday through Friday, 1-Week Course)


1 Week Course (Monday through Friday)

Classes begin on Dates Pending, from 8:00am to 4:00pm CST, each class 1 week, excluding holidays.

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Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification

Whether you are already working with Information Technology daily or are looking to advance your career by looking into the Networking Industry, we encourage you to check out our challenging CCNA Academy, taught by RouterTeacherMan! 

The Cisco Certified Network, Associate Certification, is the entry-level certification for the Cisco Systems certification track.  An Information Technology background is recommended, but definitely not required! 

CCNA Academy Classroom Requirements

The successful CCNA Academy student will consistently attend classes and commit to at least one to two hours a day of after-class study. This will enable the student to learn this technically challenging and enriching networking curriculum quickly!

Benefits of Passing the CCNA Exam

Whether the student chooses to use the Self-Paced format or the Online Classroom format, they will learn all of the ins and outs of the Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification exam and pass it! Furthermore, successfully passing the Cisco Certified Network Associate exam will open the door to exciting networking job opportunities as technical recruiters compete to place your highly sought-after Cisco networking skills!

The Networking Industry is a RED-HOT market for Cisco Certified Network Engineers!

CCNA Academy Boot Camp will provide you with the technical skills needed to SUCCEED! 

It will be hard work, but work that will help launch your new networking career!

Self-Paced or Online Classes Available Now

Features of the Class

This dynamic training course includes soft copies of all lecture notes, study guides, and curriculum materials. In addition, students will complete weekly labs using an Interactive Virtual Software called Cisco Packet Tracer, as they learn to configure a wide variety of networking equipment!

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